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At Priestmead we aim to provide children with the best start in life and to develop in them an enthusiasm for learning that will stay with them throughout their lives.

We are part of a great community and we believe in working closely with parents and carers.

We hope that you will find our website informative and helpful in finding out about our school and following your child’s education.

Please visit us regularly to keep up-to-date with the exciting events happening in our school.

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    20 March 2020
    Dear Parent/Carer, If your child was not in today due to illness or family isolation, you will have an opportunity to pick up their pack on MONDAY 23RD MARCH at the following times: - Early Phase (Nursery/Reception/Year 1) at 10.00am - Middle Phase (Year 2 - Year 4) at 1.00pm - Later Phase (Year 5 -Y ear 6) 2.00pm Parents/carers should arrive by the service road black gates (via car or on foot) and wait in the car or designated area. A member of staff will take your child's name and deliver the pack to you. Please note: -Stay in the car or designated area -Only one adult should come in to collect -If you have children across phases please only come in once -Do not come in via the main entrance -PLEASE DO NOT COME INTO SCHOOL AT ANY OTHER TIMES All our or home learning will be available on DB Primary from Monday. If you are having trouble accessing DB primary please email office@priestmead.harrow.sch.uk . REMEMBER access to DB Primary can ONLY be done via our Priestmead web page. See attached guide for more information. Regards School Office
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    20 March 2020
    Final Chance TODAY by 12pm for Keyworkers & EHCPs
    Dear Priestmead Parents/Carers, As messaged earlier, Priestmead is closed AT THE END OF TODAY (afternoon Pegasus Club is on as normal). OUR CRITERIA TO ATTEND PRIESTMEAD NEXT WEEK: If both parents are KEYWORKERS, or one parent in a single parent family is a KEYWORKER, we are prioritising you. Also children with EHCPs. The Government are trying to minimise contact through social distancing so at the moment our position is that if ONE parent is NOT a keyworker, please look after your child at home. We must support essential services to keep the country moving in this time of crisis. Keyworkers have to be on the Government recognised list. Apologies in advance if your job is not on there as we cannot help yet. Our Priestmead staff availability is also reduced linked to restrictions, illness and health and those who are also carers. We have a reduced staffing availability so we have to prioritise. IF YOU MEET THE CRITERIA but have not requested a place by 12pm today, we cannot take your child on Monday as we must formalise our arrangements. We will review late requests on Monday for Tuesday. Please email me directly BY 12PM TODAY: ht@priestmead.harrow.sch.uk Many thanks for your cooperation and understanding. Sash Hamidi Headteacher
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    20 March 2020
    School Closure & Keyworkers
    Dear Priestmead Parents/Carers, As said previously, we are CLOSED from MONDAY with the exception of some children with specific needs, and also parents/carers who are keyworkers. A reminder, if you are a single parent and a KeyWorker, or BOTH parents are Keyworkers with no safe childcare options, then we will provide a provision at Priestmead for your child(ren) during the closure. The Government list matches mostly what we thought. Check it for yourself here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-maintaining-educational-provision/guidance-for-schools-colleges-and-local-authorities-on-maintaining-educational-provision Please note I only have a small number of staff available too. Please only use this service if you are providing an ESSENTIAL service to keep our country going during this crisis. My thanks to my staff still coming in to enable this. If you think you meet a criteria, or if your position has changed and you no longer need a place, please email me at: ht@priestmead.harrow.sch.uk by 11.00am today (Friday 20th March) at the latest so I can adjust plans accordingly. Many thanks! Today is the last official day of school, ending normal times with gates open from 3.10pm as normal. Sash Hamidi Headteacher Message sent from: Sash Hamidi
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    19 March 2020
    Follow up on Academy Closure Letters
    Dear Priestmead Parents/Carers, REMEMBER WE ARE OPEN FOR EVERYONE TODAY AND TOMORROW (FRIDAY)! I hope you slept well. There was a lot of information shared in our message and letters sent out last night. You will have questions and suggestions I am sure. We have not had any further information yet from the Government but as soon as we do, we will send a message out to you later on today. From 8.35am today, I will be at the RED GATE by the Service Road; Mrs Best will at the PARK GATE, Mr Patel & Ms Boghani will be on the NoMow, Mrs Nita Patel will be ready with the team at the School Office. Please come and see us if you have questions. We ask you not to chat about any worries or queries with your child's class teacher/TA or ask lots of questions before school this morning - we really want them to focus on meeting and greeting the children and reassuring them - let's limit the children hearing any worrying conversations (remember they hear everything!!!!!). Come and find one of the leaders or come to the school office if you want a chat. Thanks to those who have completed the survey, but also thank you to a number of you who have taken the time to email in or put on Facebook your gratitude regarding ow we have managed communications. The positive feedback is really appreciated at the moment :-) See you later! Sash Hamidi Headteacher
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    18 March 2020
    Dear Priestmead Parents/Carers, We have still not received detailed information from the Government. However, we are very aware that you will want to know what is happening. We attach two letters: 1. From The Pegasus Partnership Trust explaining the big picture of closures 2. From us specifically at Priestmead to explain how we are seeing things following the Government's announcement. WE ARE OPEN THURSDAY AND FRIDAY THIS WEEK. If you think you will fall into one of the categories still entitled to attend school from Monday onwards, please complete this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/PPSClosure We will be available from 8.35am at the gates, and on the NoMow if you have questions. Alternatively email me at ht@priestmead.harrow.sch.uk These are challenging times. Let's work together and do the best we can. Thanks for your support. Sash Hamidi Headteacher ht@priestmead.harrow.sch.uk
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    18 March 2020
    SCHOOL CLOSURE - What we know so far
    Dear Priestmead Parents/Carers, The Government announced just now, all schools and academies are to close AT 3.30PM ON FRIDAY. However, there are exceptions which we are awaiting details on. Lots of questions from the announcement and we are working with what they have said. I will look to send you a more detailed update by 9pm this evening. Sash Hamidi Headteacher ht@priestmead.harrow.sch.uk
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    18 March 2020
    Coronavirus Update 2.30pm 18th March 2020
    Dear Priestmead Parents/Carers, You will have seen the Government plan to release a statement on school and academy closure at 5pm today. We will listen to the announcement and send further details this evening in response. We have also sadly postponed the Y4 Castleton Residential Trip (sorry Y4!). We are looking to rearrange. Details will be confirmed in the coming weeks when we know more. It all feels very gloomy at the moment I know. We will send details of things to help you, your child and their learning in the next days if we are to close. Our Priestmead team are working hard to finalise plans so things feel as calm and settled for your child IF we shut. We are in this together as a community. If you have Care Bag donations (see the last Pegasus Newsletter) , please bring them in today, tomorrow or Friday. Also let us know if one would help you. Thank you :-) Sash Hamidi Headteacher ht@priestmead.harrow.sch.uk
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    18 March 2020
    Coronavirus Update 18th March 2020
    Dear Priestmead Parents/Carers, We will send you updates as things change and evolve. Please chat to each other to ensure everyone is receiving our communication – either on the website or via School Ping. A few reminders following the updated government advice: • If your child has been sent home from school or was not in today due to a new persistent cough and/or temperature above 37.8, we have advised that the child along with any siblings to remain at home for a period of 14 days. • Home Learning for children, whilst well but in self-isolation at home, should be:  Reading for a minimum of 20 minutes per day  Use home learning links on DB Primary for various activities  Use specific DB Primary Activities  Mathletics Activities Also please note: • ALL before and after school clubs are cancelled for this term EXCEPT for Pegasus Club at the moment. Please be aware we will aim to keep Pegasus Club running whilst we have enough staff and as long as Priestmead is open. • All class or year group assemblies have been postponed to Summer Term • Pegasus Easter Club is cancelled - at this stage it is not looking feasible to run - our apologies in advance • Nursery Parents Day will be done via a telephone call. Parents will be called at the set time by Mrs Hockett so no need to come in. • The Year 4 Production has been postponed to Summer term • Year 4 Swimming has been cancelled for this term • Year 6 Pizza Express trip has been cancelled We will keep you updated with further information. Please limit any non-urgent calls to the office and email where possible for any general enquiries. Alternatively, keep going onto our website: www.priestmead.harrow.sch.uk ANY queries, questions or if we have missed something, let us know. Take care Sash Hamidi Headteacher ht@priestmead.harrow.sch.uk
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    17 March 2020
    Pegasus Club
    Pegasus breakfast and after school club remain open as normal. If you have booked, you can use it. Thanks Sash Hamidi Headteacher
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    16 March 2020
    Coronavirus Parent/Carer Update 16.3.2020
    Dear Priestmead Parents/Carers, I have attached an update following the Prime Minister's update which came after our Pegasus Newsletter went out. PRIESTMEAD and all schools and academies in England remain OPEN. We are reviewing information from trusted sources daily. We know you are worried. When a school/academy closure comes, it could last weeks or even months. At the moment children remain largely unaffected and we are protecting them as much as we can and keeping normality. We are trying hard to keep our children enjoying being children without worrying about things we worry about as adults. Please support this by sending your child to us as normal, subject to them and your family household all being well. Let's keep working together as a community. Sash Hamidi Headteacher
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