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At Priestmead we aim to provide children with the best start in life and to develop in them an enthusiasm for learning that will stay with them throughout their lives.

We are part of a great community and we believe in working closely with parents and carers.

We hope that you will find our website informative and helpful in finding out about our school and following your child’s education.

Please visit us regularly to keep up-to-date with the exciting events happening in our school.

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  • Important
    2 July 2020
    SEPTEMBER 2020 - What will happen?
    Dear Priestmead Families! I hope you are well! I just wanted to say a huge well done to our parents/carers and our children who have been in Priestmead over the last three weeks for being so safe - it is has been great seeing you all and even better seeing more children pop in this morning to collect their things and see their classes. We look forward to welcoming Y2-Y5 from Monday - if you are coming, you will have had an email confirmation from the school office. My thanks to the Priestmead staff for ensuring safety has been a priority, minimised risks and helped children feel safe. We are all very proud of you. The Government announced today the plans for EVERY child to return to school in SEPTEMBER. We are going through the guidance document to inform/update our plans. You can see the Government guidance here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/actions-for-schools-during-the-coronavirus-outbreak/guidance-for-full-opening-schools By WEDNESDAY 15TH JULY we plan to share with families how we propose to make this work at Priestmead from September. In between now and then we will discuss ideas and plans with our staff to ensure we have a plan which keeps risk minimised and we can all stay safe. Some key points from the Government include: * "grouping children together in groups or "bubbles"" (We already are doing that at Priestmead!) * "avoiding contact in school between these groups, with separate starting, finishing, lunch and break times"(We already are doing that at Priestmead!) * "regular cleaning of hands, but masks not expected for pupils or staff" (We already are doing that at Priestmead!) * "those with symptoms told to stay out of school" (We already are doing that at Priestmead!) * "no big group events like school assemblies and arranging classrooms with forward-facing desks" (We already are doing that at Priestmead!) As families you may have some ideas or concerns - send me an email to ht@priestmead.harrow.sch.uk so I can add it to our discussions. Some of you will feel anxious we know - talk to us so we can try and support you at this time. We have done well getting to this point - let's keep working together to do our best for our children. Stay safe, Sash Hamidi Headteacher .
  • Newsletter
    30 June 2020
    Summer Newsletter Issue 10
    Dear Parents/Carers, Please find attached Issue 10 of our Summer Term Newsletter. Also available on our website here https://bit.ly/SumNew10 Kind Regards Mrs Patel
  • Newsletter
    22 June 2020
    Summer Newsletter Issue 9
    Dear Parents/Carers, Please find attached Issue 9 of our Summer Term Newsletter. Also on our website here https://bit.ly/SumNew09 Regards School Office
  • Important
    9 June 2020
    Priestmead Updates!
    Good morning to all our Priestmead families! Our reopening has gone really smoothly, safely and positively and my thanks to staff, parents/carers and children involved for reinforcing the safe behaviours needed to minimise risk. You will pick up today in the media that the Government are likely to formally drop their plans for all Primary children to restart school in July - instead, they will leave it down to Schools and Headteachers to decide what to do. From the reopening presentations we sent you last month, you will know we risk-assessed for Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y6 to END on 3RD JULY in-school, to enable Y2-Y5 to come in for the last TWO weeks of the school term. We will review our risk assessment of this over the next couple of days. We will also send all families a surveymonkey link to complete later this week. The questions you will be asked are: Y2-Y5: Will you send your child in (2 days for ONE week, 5 days for ONE week starting 6th July)? CURRENT Y2-Y5 KEYOWRKERS & EHCPs: Will your child stay in their Keyworker "bubble"? N,R,Y1,Y6 KEYWORKERS & EHCPs: Will you continue to need this service? Please put some thought into this now to enable a quick response when we send out the survey. Have a great week. Sash Hamidi Headteacher
  • Newsletter
    18 May 2020
    Summer Newsletter Issue 5
    Dear Parents/Carers, Please find attached Issue 5 of the Summer Newsletter. Also on our website here. https://bit.ly/SumNews05 Remember translated version of our newsletter is available on our website here http://bit.ly/TranslatedNews Regards School Office
  • Newsletter
    11 May 2020
    Newsletter Summer Issue 4
    Dear Parent/Carer, Please find attached Summer Issue 4 of our Newsletter. Also on our website here https://bit.ly/SumNews04 Remember translated audio versions of our newsletter is available each week online here https://www.priestmead.harrow.sch.uk/harrow/primary/priestmead/site/pages/communication/letterstobetranslated7 Regards School Office
  • Newsletter
    27 April 2020
    Newsletter Summer Issue 2
    Dear Parents/Carers, Please find attached Summer Issue 2 of our Newsletter. Also on our website here https://bit.ly/SumNews02 Regards School Office
  • Newsletter
    20 April 2020
    Newsletter Summer Term Issue 1
    Dear Parents/Carers, Hope you are all keeping well and safe. Attached is our first issue of the Summer Term Newsletter. Also available on our website here https://bit.ly/SumNews01 Regards School Office


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