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At Priestmead we aim to provide children with the best start in life and to develop in them an enthusiasm for learning that will stay with them throughout their lives.

We are part of a great community and we believe in working closely with parents and carers.

We hope that you will find our website informative and helpful in finding out about our school and following your child’s education.

Please visit us regularly to keep up-to-date with the exciting events happening in our school.

School News Feed
  • Important
    4 September 2020
    Update #8 PE Timetable
    Dear Parents/Carers, Children will need to wear their PE kit to school (twice a week) on their allocated days as per the attached timetable starting next week. They must wear the school PE kit with their house team coloured T-Shirt. More information can be found here https://www.priestmead.harrow.sch.uk/harrow/primary/priestmead/site/pages/communication/uniform This is to minimise risks in class when changing and children unnecessary bringing in additional bags to school. Regards School Office
  • Reminder
    3 September 2020
    Update #7 REMINDER: Drop Off & Pick Up Times
    Dear Parents/Carers, A polite reminder - please do not arrive before your drop off or pick up times. This is to minimise risks for the safety of our pupils, staff and parents/carers. A reminder of the drop off and pick up times is attached including a map of the site. Thank you for your co-operation. School Office
  • Important
    31 August 2020
    #6 IF a Child Shows Symptoms We have gone through the updated Government Guidance sent Friday evening and I am really pleased that there are very few adjustments from what we had already planned. We have put together what we will do (plus hyperlinks to government websites to help you). Everything is on our website (click and then scroll to Update #6): https://bit.ly/34zBqPi We know this is a worry for you. Please be assured that risks to children are minimal. Our staff are more at risk and they are well prepared and know how to minimise risk to them and to children. We know how important your children are to you and we will do all we can to help them feel safe, be happy and to build up their confidence - we also want to do the same for all our staff.. The meetings over the next two days are really important. If you cannot attend, please answer the phone when we call so we can make sure we have everything in place for when Y1-Y6 come in half-classes on Thursday or Friday. Stay safe and we look forwards to catching up with you over this week. Sash Hamidi Executive Headteacher ht@priestmead.harrow.sch.uk
  • Important
    28 August 2020
    # 5 FACEMASKS Lots being said about Facemasks in the news and on social media. Children under the age of 11 are NOT required to wear a face mask in school. They can wear it on their journey to school but it must be disposed of before they enter the school building and their hands need to be washed or cleaned using our sanitising gel dispensers outdoors. Some staff may be wearing face masks for their health. We also remind parents/carers to keep a distance if speaking with staff (to minimise risk) - please do not be offended! Above all else the focus is on washing hands, avoid touching faces and making contact with others, keeping a distance and "catch it bin it, kill it" regarding sneezing or coughing or use your inside arm/elbow. Everything is on our website too: https://bit.ly/34zBqPi Sash Hamidi Executive Headteacher
  • Important
    28 August 2020
    #4 GETTING READY! Here are a few photos of things that look a bit different since you were last at Priestmead! We are excited to welcome all our Y1-Y6 children and families back next week! The final tarmac is going down and we will almost be builder-free by Tuesday! (Almost!). Everything is on our website too: https://bit.ly/34zBqPi Sash Hamidi Executive Headteacher
  • Important
    27 August 2020
    #3 PARENT INFORMATION: Here is the document of frequently asked questions (FAQs).  It also includes the weblinks to the presentations we sent you before the holidays. Please have a read through! Everything is on our website too: https://bit.ly/34zBqPi Sash Hamidi Executive Headteacher
  • Important
    27 August 2020
    YOUR 1:1 PARENT/CARER/CHILD MEETINGS TUESDAY 1ST OR WEDNESDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER: Next week you are coming in for 1:1 Parent meetings so you can practise which entrances you are meant to use and exits, walk in with your child, see what the school looks like, meet your child's teacher and speak to leaders, see how the room is set up, tell us about how you are as a family and feel reassured about the term ahead.  Our staff will be around to guide you! If you have not turned up within 5 mins of your appointment time we will telephone you to catch up!  If you are coming in, your child does NOT need to wear uniform for the appointment, but they will need to wear full uniform when they come in on Thursday or Friday! Another reminder of your times/days will be sent by the end of TODAY! Updates are on our website - click here: https://bit.ly/34zBqPi Or got to www.priestmead.harrow.sch.uk and click on the Reopening September 2020 link at the top. Sash Hamidi Executive Headteacher
  • Important
    26 August 2020
    Dear Priestmead Families and especially our Priestmead children! I hope you are all well and have had an enjoyable summer, despite the windy wet weather of recent days! We have really missed you and are sooooooo excited to see you all next week! Over this week we will send a series of 8 updates and snippets of information for you to familiarise yourselves with ahead of Priestmead opening next week. You were sent details of your 1:1 parent meetings in July but we will send a reminder later this week. If you cannot attend this meeting, we will telephone you instead. Update #1 - the Government has issued a document for parents/carers regarding returning to school which I have attached. Have a read - as a school, many of you know how safely we managed our phased reopening before the holidays and this standard will be maintained. All this information is also on our website - click here: https://bit.ly/34zBqPi More updates over this week! Sash Hamidi Executive Headteacher ht@priestmead.harrow.sch.uk


We have a clear, but simple vision as to what we want to achieve for our Priestmead children and community:

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