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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are your Priestmead Values and Aims?

    We want all our children to develop an understanding of key values, to enable them to become great adults in the future

    These values bring together the ideals of many religions, British values but more importantly global values to enable our children to be the positive global citizens of the future.

    Throughout each year we focus on each value and talk it through with our children through the curriculum, our assemblies but also how we behave as a community every day.

    Our families support these values and in partnership we work together to ensure we help every child to be the best they can be.


  • What is your Admissions system?

    How do you apply for a place at Priestmead?

    First, why not come and visit us!

    95% school population live within the red area shown in the map below.  This helps to create a close community.

    However, there are exceptions who live slightly further, defined by the orange areas.

    To explore this more look at:


    We do a Prospective Parent/Carer tour every Monday morning from 9am-10am.  If you would like to have a tour with the Headteacher, just phone the office on 02089075434.

    Our Published Admission Number (PAN) will increase as we expand from three classes in each year group to four classes.  That means by September 2020, we will have 52 children in our Nursery, 12 children in our Rainbow Resource and 840 children in Reception to Y6.

    We follow Harrow Borough’s Fair Admissions Protocol regarding oversubscription.  There is a commitment to Infant Class Sizes of 30 with two adults per class.

    As of 1st September 2016, we have 768 children on roll at Priestmead Primary School and Nursery.



  • What are Priestmead’s Attendance expectations?

    By being in school on time, every day, your child is being taught the essential life skills and good habits for their future as adults who go to work.

    This requires a strong partnership between home and school.

    We want to teach your children!  That requires them to be in school and on time every day.  We are committed to helping every child to be the best they can be, so we need the equal commitment from home ensuring children have minimal time off except for genuine illness.  All senior staff are in the playground before and after school to motivate children (and parents!) to be on time!


  • What does Equality mean at Priestmead?


    We teach the children of Priestmead to enjoy being different and we ensure all differences are equally recognised and celebrated – it is what makes our school and our world an exciting place to be:

    What is our School Population like?

    • Priestmead Primary School is predominantly multicultural; the percentage of the school population with other than English believed to be a child’s first language is consistently above the national percentage
    • Children are able to speak approximately 33 different languages with Gujarati, Tamil, Romanina, Arabic and Urdu being the most widely spoken
    • The population consists of over 10 different ethnicities
    • During the last 3 years there has been an increase in the number of children from the European Union
    • Our population represents approximately 9 different religions across the 700+ children
    • The staff population is becoming increasingly multicultural; staff are able to speak approximately 17 different languages



  • How will children with SEN/Disabilities succeed at Priestmead?

    If a child has a Special Education Need (SEN) and/or a disability, we will work in partnership with families to create the best possible provision we can.

    The new SEN Code of Practice 2014 for all schools, requires them to make clear what they can offer children with SEND and their families and also their policy explaining their approach to SEN.



  • What is OFSTED?

    OFSTED are the organisation who ensure schools are delivering the best possible education for children.

    They inspect schools on a rolling programme with very little advance notice.  This ensures they get a true snapshot of what the school is like on any given day.

    Our last OFSTED was in November 2011.  The final report gave our school an ‘Outstanding’ rating which wasthehighest possible rating in such inspections under the previous framework used.  Please read the full Ofsted Report for more details.

    Since September 2012, the OFSTED framework has raised the bar for outstanding.

    Over the last couple of years at Priestmead there have been changes in Leadership.  However, with a new Headteacher, Leadership Team and a brilliant mix of new and experienced practitioners at Priestmead from September 2014, we are very much on track towards achieving outstanding status again in the coming years – not for OFSTED but for all of our children and families who deserve the very best.

  • How well do Priestmead children perform?

    We believe all our children need to be literate and numerate, but also motivated to become lifelong learners.

    We believe in an exciting, broad and inspirational curriculum to open minds and create generations of children willing to challenge the norm and be blue-sky thinkers.

    The DFE publishes attainment data and you can see ours below, along with a national comparison.  Our children broadly match the national average but also do better in many areas.  In 2016, the SATS assessments used in Y6 changed and a new standard was brought in. 

    Our results for 2016 were (analysis from Fischer Family Trust FFT):

    This shows we perform well against national data for both attainment and exceptionally well for progress from KS1.

    Comparing our data in both the old and new standards, we are above national data and FFT rank us in the top 12% of schools for progress on the scaled score and in the top 13% against the percentage achieving the standard in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

    Whilst not officially recorded nationally, we also performed strongly in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling with 84% reaching the standard and 44% reaching the higher standard.

    The national performance tables can be found by clicking HERE.

    The Wider Curriculum:

    We are committed to ALL our children experiencing fun themed weeks, learning to play at least three musical instruments through their time at Priestmead, having the opportunity to go on residential trips from Y1 to Y6, taking on responsibilities like School Council and Prefects…so much more than just SATS and tests!

    We are proud of each one of them and will ensure they make excellent progress from whatever their starting point.  They are the future of our world and it is our job to help them be ready for the adventure…

  • Where can I find your Statutory Policies?
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