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Priestmead Primary School & Nursery

Moving Onwards and Upwards Together

THE SPACE - Our Counselling Partnership

Recognising "It's OK not to be OK"

There are times in all our lives when things are not OK.  Some of us deal with them, some of us run, some of us hide and some us try and distract ourselves.  We believe it is important to teach children to recognise that it is ok to not be ok and to learn how to manage their emotions and feelings, not to hide them, deny them or ignore them.  So thanks to charitable funding from the John Lyon Trust, we have an in-school counselling service for children but also parents and staff.  Life is stressful at times so having support in place for when you need it is so important.


The Space

Our Counselling Manager (also know by the children as "The Space Lady"!) Lucy Ingleby,  is in every Tuesday and Wednesday to meet children to talk through anything they want that is on their mind.  Sometimes they do not want to talk to parents or teachers, so talking to a "neutral" gives them the "Space" to manage whatever they are feeling.  It is a brilliant service and well used by Priestmead children.  Lucy also meets parents and staff who value her confidential time and support.


What is Mindfulness?


Mental Health is Important

We are now into our second year of mindfulness as part of our counselling work, with all children in Y4, Y5 and Y6.  Toni Medcalf leads this for us as part of her role in the Harrow Counselling Partnership.

Children have sessions over the year for 30 minutes a week to enable them to feel positive, safe and aware of their emotions and feelings.

Look out for our mindfulness tips in the Pegasus Newsletter!

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