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Priestmead Primary School & Nursery

Moving Onwards and Upwards Together

Later Phase

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Our Later Phase consists of:

YEAR 5 (9/10 year olds) & YEAR 6 (10/11 year olds)

Later Phase focuses on ensuring our children are Secondary ready but also "life-long learning" ready! We feel that their experience through Priestmead through Early & Middle Phase will enable them to successfully launch into the next phase of learning.  We introduce more ability grouping in Later Phase as we know this is an expectation in secondary school, but we do not forget they are still children who deserve the exciting, creative and challenging curriculum to broaden their horizons and inspire their futures.

Year 5

The Y5 Team are:


Mr Powell (Year Team Leader) & Ms Nelson-Wright (1:1 Support)


Miss Blacker, Mrs N Hirani (1:1 Support) & Mrs Ahmed (1:1 Support)


Miss Bladon & Mrs N Hirani 


Miss Dhanani

Y5 hours are:

8.35am Be in the playground

8.40am Children start to come in

8.50am Registration

12.30pm Lunch

3.25pm End of day


The Y5 Residential trip this year will be to the The Kingswood Centre

Year 6

The Y6 Team are:


Miss Hewett (Year Team Leader)


Mrs Faruqi


Miss Francis


Mrs Verity

Y6 hours are:

8.35am Be in the playground

8.40am Children start to come in

8.50am Registration

12.30pm Lunch

3.25pm End of day


The Y6 Residential trip this year will be to PGL

Who else teaches in Later Phase?

The Later Phase Team are also  supported by Mrs Bharadia (HLTA) , Mrs M Patel and Mrs Woodggate are the Senior Teaching Assistant who provides additional support and interventions across the phase.  Mrs Best & Mrs Jadeja (Deputy Headteachers) and Miss Boghani (Assistant Headteacher for Later Phase) work with the Year Team Leaders. Ms Hewett (Year Group Team Leader) will be teaching and overseeing the year group. Miss D Hirani (Learning Mentor) works with children to develop social confidence and support any emotional needs. Please email any queries for teachers to office@priestmead.harrow.sch.uk

Moving on to High School

When our pupils move to High school we make the process as smooth as possible. Year 6 staff run a transition programme, inviting staff from the local High Schools in to visit, supporting the families through the application process and accompanying parents on school visits where appropriate. A parent information meeting is also held, and in addition to this the staff are always available to listen to any concerns.

Current Year 5 - children will need to apply for a Secondary School place by 31st October 2021. For a Harrow High School place you will need to make an application on the council website here

1 September 2021 Application opens
31 October  2021 Closing date for applications
1 March 2022 Receive outcome of application
16 March 2022 Deadline to accept or decline your offer
30 March 2022 Closing date to receive appeals. Appeals will be heard in the summer term 2022


High School Offers

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