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Can you help raise funds for Priestmead?

Calling on Priestmead families from the past, the present and the future!

In these times of austerity, school budgets are tighter than ever.  Over the 2016-17 academic year, we are going to share on here our "dreams" for Priestmead children.  The things they and we would like to make sure their Priestmead experience is fun, memorable and enables them to go on to be the most successful generation in the future.

Perhaps you are looking to make a charitable donation?  Or your company looks to support the local community? Perhaps you are a former Priestmead pupil who would just like to give something back to the school.

Whatever your reason, we would greatly appreciate any financial support you can provide!

With at least 30000 children, families and staff who have had the Priestmead experience over 80 years, our hope is that if every one of them could donate something, it would make a magnificent difference!

Whatever your donation, however big or small, it will all make a difference!

We have attached some ideas but we will design this with the children once we know how much we have to spend.


We aspire to raise £60,000 for a total redesign of our outdoor playground so all children, whether introverted, musical, physical or creative, have a special, safe and inspiring outdoor learning and play environment.

CLICK HERE to access our JUSTGIVING page

We have been accepted for the AVIVA Community Fund competition to be awarded £25,000 for Priestmead Pupils outdoor area.

It comes down to which of the projects receives the most VOTES nationally.

So we need your help (it takes 2 minutes and 22 seconds to do!):
1. Click this link:…/16-1742…
2. Register with an email address
3. Use all 10 votes for Priestmead

Then send it to all your family, extended family and global families! If you are working , this is a great way you can contribute from work – get all your colleagues to do this and all the branches of work to do this.

If Priestmead families and Alumni help us get the most votes, we can get up to £25k. BUT the window closes MIDDAY on 18 November.

If successful for the full £25k, added to what we have, we could be spending over £35k on Priestmead Primary children by Easter 2017!

So please, please, please…spread the word, and let’s see our project win! Thank you from all 773 Priestmead Pupils!

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